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Dwinguler Castle Extension Kit – Rainbow


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Product Description

Castle Playroom is also bigger and wider – double the space for double the fun!!

The Castle Playroom is special… our standard play room makes your little ones fairy tale fantasy come to life. But, with the Dwinguler Castle Playroom extended set – the fairy tale fantasies now gets a size upgrade!

Dwinguler Castle Extension Kit creates a safe and healthy play area for children and all of their imaginative activities. They can be royalty, dragons, elves; anything their fantasy tells them to be. With the extended space, children can truly be the royalty they imagine to be! The largest play room available in the market is now even bigger with the extended kit and is designed to fit two large Dwinguler Playmats.

  • Designed for safety, Dwinguler Castle Extension Kit is extra spacious and sturdy yet light, making it safe and comfortable for kids.
  • Dwinguler Castle Extension Kit comes with four panels and two panel supports in addition over the standard Dwinguler Castle play room.
  • The product is just extension parts, does not include Dwinguler Castle. The Dwinguler Castle is sold Separately.
  • Dwinguler Caslte Size with extension kit: 94.5 in (L) x 115.7 in (W) x 30.8 in (H). It fits TWO large size Dwinguler Playmats.