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Munchkin Orajel Front Teeth Teether Toy – Green


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Product Description

A teether for each stage of oral development offers a complete teething solution – because you shouldn’t make it through this stage of parenting by the skin of your teeth. It’s the little things.®

Teething can be a real pain for baby but you can help eliminate some of that discomfort with a teething ring customized for the specific tooth coming in. The Orajel Front Teeth Teether Toy helps apply gentle pressure to sensitive gums as front teeth begin breaking through. Perfectly sized for little hands and mouths, this soft, textured toy stimulates gums and encourages baby to chew. The wavy surface and micro-textured, BPA- and PVC-free silicone massages gums and cleans baby’s tongue simultaneously. When baby’s gums are sore from teething, you can trust in the #1 teething brand recommended by pediatricians.

Please note, teether and package do not contain Orajel teething pain medicine.


  • Designed specifically for emerging front teeth
  • Provides gentle pressure and stimulates gums as front teeth start coming in
  • Textured silicone is gentle on baby’s gums and fun to chew
  • Does not contain Orajel teething pain medication
  • BPA- and PVC-free
  • Comes with one front teether