Wendell Estate Honey 1kg



Product Description

Pure, fresh and beautifully natural prairie honey from one source. Creamed – always smooth and spreadable. Wendell Estate Honey’s unique process, completed shortly after the honey is extracted from the comb, retains the natural white colour, assures fresh flavour and all the natural integrity of honey. It is presented in an elegant Italian glass Jar. A perfect gift item. Wendell Estate Honey comes from the source-certified farm, conforms the strict Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) standards and is certified Kosher. Located in what some Saskatchewan beekeepers call the “Golden Triangle”, Wendell Honey has been producing honey since the 1940s. Today, the farm houses 3500 hives and uses a unique process, wherein the honey is bottled directly following its extraction from the comb, to retain a fresh flavour and natural white colour. While many other brands blend and heat their honey, Wendell Estate’s raw honey is unpasteurized for a rich texture, layered flavours and an overall experience that has resulted in more than a few converts.